Daria K. born in Skopin, Russia graduated from art college in 2010 where she specialized
in decorative art & ceramics. While studying at the university she met an older - flat Soviet
system in art teaching which made her decide to shift her second education to "psychology
working with difficult children". In the future she strives to synchronize both these professions. Artist Daria K. will move you and provoke your senses, her paintings and drawings will shake,
vibrate, and give you chills as if this 24 year old is a master in life itself. Even though most of
her works are colorful they are equally dark which reflect the genuine experiences of her
youthful existence.
"Creativity is not only a direct reflection, but it is life itself!"
At the age of fifteen, as Daria jumped off the train platform a speeding train struck her, and
from there her long months of hospitalization began: an operation on her skull, broken bones,
stitches, observing and conversations with old and dying people as they have become her
new neighbors and friends. At that moment life seemed to put everything in perspective, it
showed her where pain, suffering, loneliness, old age, patience and boundless desire to live
all co-exist. Her series titled "Take Me Away" draw similarities to religious icons due to the way she
positions the figures, with strict, harsh, sharp, and remarkable shapes and lines of the iconstyle
which the artist had intuitively selected in dealing with her theme. She hauntingly paints
as if she is the mother while in reality she is the child.

Other works embody the poetry of Spaniard, Garcia Lorca such as Diamond, De Profundis,
and Goodbye. In this series her works are an essay on spirituality and faith from the depth of
despair and degradation.
"My works are not narrative, they have a goal to work through the senses, to draw the
associations like a poetry does"

Selected exhibitions & projects:
2015 ," The New Wave Uncut II", Group Show , MSK Eastside Gallery , Russia.
2014 ,"The New wave Uncut" , Group Show , MSK Eastside Gallery , Russia.
2012 , "De Profundis" , Solo ,MSK Eastside Gallery , Russia.

Selected press:
Daria K. @ MSK Eastside , Moscow Times

Selected Works

Gallery Exhibitions