Ja'bagh is considered among the most progressive and influential visual artists in Moscow this last decade, Ja'bagh's success in the art world began from his debut exhibition 'Moskva Raw' in 2008 commissioned by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art which made him the youngest artist to have a solo show. His self published limited edition book which enjoys the same title was acquired by TASCHEN NYC.
Since then, Kaghado has progressed with experimenting with his large format film photography, large format poloroids and his Pl / Pd hand prints on Arches paper and on wooden birch sheets.
Born across the Hudson River Ja'bagh hails from a Circassian family in New Jersey, a third generation American, his great grandfather arrived to Ellis Island in 1913.
Ja'bagh studied Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology / NYC and is based in Moscow where he lives with his family. By revolutionizing the Platinum / Palladium transfer of the 19 century in his own style, Ja'bagh Kaghado has achieved his trademark distortion which is a unique mix of photography, print making, painting, and abstract symbolism creating assemblages which transcended their origins becoming conceptual works of art. His works have a psychological metaphor of birth and struggle in a pseudo religious context on a subconscious level. His new assemblages are a mixture of contemporary and the traditional, as he fuses neon halo tubes to his distorted Platinium / Paladium hand printed images then displayed in plexi-glass boxes stressing on the sacredness of the new life.

The making of a Platinum / Paladium print is an art form in itself. Only very few masters remain worldwide capable of printing with this highly elaborate technique and even fewer masters are able to print with such size as Ja'bagh uses. Each of his print editions is executed uniquely, an unrepeatable dialogue between the image, the chemistry and Ja'bagh's hand printing skill. A process founded by English inventor William Willis in 1876 which became popular and actively used in the 19th century by a group of artists known as the 'Pictorialists' and which Ja'bagh continues this heritage.

Solo & 2 person exhibitions:

2016: The Modern Day Madonna / MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015: Torn / Gallery RuArts Moscow, Russia
2014: In God I Trust / Gallery K35 Moscow, Russia
2013: The Obsession of.. / Museum Vostok, Russia
2013: Undamaged Blossom / Shazina Gallery Hyatt Moscow, Russia
2012: Undamaged Blossom / Gallery K35 Moscow, Russia
2012: My Beautiful Distortion / Gallery K35 Moscow, Russia
2011: My Beautiful Distortion / Moscow Museum of Modern Art
2009: Faces in the Shadow / Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
2009: Moskva Raw Meets Amman / National Gallery of Fine Arts Amman, Jordan (under the patronage of HRH Princess Rajwa).
2009: The Obsession of... / Center for Contemporary Arts (a special project for the Fashion in Photography Biennale).
2008: Moskva Raw / Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Group Exhibitions:

2013: Under The Influence / Philips , NYC , USA
2013: Foto Mix Fight Fair / Moscow, Russia
2012: Rendez-vous Intéreurs Contemporains / Christie's Paris , France
2012: Under The Influence / Under the Influence / Phillips de Pury NYC , USA
2012: Art Moscow Artfair / Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2012: Noir / Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2012: Foto Mix Fight Fair / Moscow, Russia
2011: Intersection "My beautiful Distortion" / Marlborough Gallery Chelsea, New York.
2010: Faces in the Shadows + Fragments video / Galerie Pierre Cardin Paris.
2010: The Obsession of... / The Manege, Saint. Petersburg Russia.



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