Born in 1985 in Nizhny Tagil, Industrial city of Ural, USSR.
In 1987 Dmitry's family moved to Odessa (Ukraine) where he spent several years at the cosmodrome "Baikonur" with his grandparents, who worked there as engineers. His father, an aviation engineer, often took young Dmitry with him to work at the airport. Dmitry passed his childhood surrounded with aircrafts, heavy equipment, and military constructions, as well as all kinds of toys on the relevant subjects. All this undoubtedly influenced on visual preferences and tastes of the artist. From early childhood his father supported Dmitry's interests in visual arts, largely because he wanted to be an artist in his own youngness. Dmitri began training at the Children's School of Art when he was 6 years old. In 1997 family moved from Odessa to Moscow, where Dmitry continued learning fine arts in the similar school.

At 18 Dmitry moved to St. Petersburg, where he met artist Peter Beliyand Yuri Shtapakov. In 2003, he rented one of the rooms in their printmaking studio and began helping them as an assistant. Communication with acting artists, and constant access to studio, really helped Dmitry in shaping his own creativity and understanding of contemporary arts system.
In 2004 Dmitry entered the Herzen State Pedagogical University on the arts department.
In 2007 Dmitry visit Europe for a first time. He made a three-day masterclass of printmaking on the World Book Fair "Leipziger Buchmesse 2007" in Leipzig, Germany. 

The same year he participated in the organization of Masterclass of Swiss School of Design
"Haute école d'arts appliqués arc la chaux-de-fonds" in his university. He was invited soon, with a return visit to Switzerland.  It is impossible to overestimate a benefit of these trips for the creative development of the young artist.

In 2008 he opened his first personal exhibition “Constructor” in St. Petersburg Gallery “Navicula Artis”. This exhibition also was a diploma work for the university. In his project Dmitry marked figure of a creative person as a playing child whose game becomes more complex and mutate, filled with frames and meanings. But the main driver is always about getting gaming fun. No matter if he is playing with forms, ideas, or even the laws of physics. This principle allowed Dmitry to use a paraphrase of common childhood game as a material. Previous work experience as an assistant helped in preparation and proper organizing of the exhibition. This attracted the interest of the cultural community of St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

Over the next four years Dmitry produced five solo and participated in more than twenty group exhibitions. The "Constructor" won several competitions and was nominated for three state prizes of contemporary art in Russia.


Selected exhibitions & projects:

2016 "RAL 6003" MSK Eastside Gallery ( Moscow)
2015 "Small Things" Vin Gallery (Vietnam HCMC)
2015 "New Wave Uncut" MSK Eastside Gallery (Moscow) 
2014“MOVINGART&OPENSPACE” SAC Pino Pascali Foundation(Italy)
2014 "4 tales from the belley of the whale." The Flat Massimo Carasi. (Milan, Italy) 
2012 "Big Moscow 2" State Museum of Architecture. A.V. Shchusev. (Moscow) 
2012 "Art Pogost 2012" Creative Manor "Guslitsa" (Moscow) 
2011 "HUG" Loft"6/2" (Moscow)  SOLO
2011 "Art is Art is Art ..." MoMA Moscow  
2011 Exhibition Award Nominees Sergei Kuryokhin Prize. (St. Petersburg) 
2010 "Next Level" Gallery "XL" (Moscow)  SOLO
2010 "20 Years of Love" MoMA Moscow (Moscow) 
2010 "New Formalism", Museum of Urban Sculpture (St. Petersburg) 
2010 "Do not bother ..." Typography "Science" Biennale of Young Art (Moscow) 
2009 "Untitled" "G18 Gallery ". (Helsinki) 
2009 "Untitled" Gallery "CAG" (St. Petersburg) 
2009 Exhibition of nominees for Kandinsky National prize (Moscow) 
2009 "Let me think" factory "Red October" Parallel program of Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
2009 "Rage" "Loft Project" (St. Petersburg) 
2009 Exhibition of Nominees for "Innovation 2008" National prize National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow) 
2008 " Constructor ". NCCA ”Winzavod”, "Start" (Moscow) SOLO
2008 " Constructor ". "Navicula artis" Gallery. (St. Petersburg)  SOLO
2008 "Invasion: evasion" Baibakov Art-project, factory "Red October" (Moscow) 
2008 "Battle City" Museum of Anna Akhmatova (St. Petersburg) 
2008 Festival "Artzavod" (Ekaterinburg) 
2008. "What are we going to play tomorrow," Gallery "CAG" (St. Petersburg) 
2008. "Olympic Games" Institute "ProArte" (St. Petersburg)

Selected press:

Selected Works

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