The New Wave UNCUT / Annual group exhibition

10.06 → 30.07

«The New Wave/UNCUT II» is MSK Eastside Gallery’s annual group exhibition showcasing the emergence of new rising forces in contemporary and visual arts. It is widely acclaimed for the breath and innovation of the works on view. 

This year featuring 15 artists each of whom will show works that represent his or her personal vision in art and presentation, empowering them to co-curate with the gallery curators. The intent of the UNCUT is to recognize, introduce, and extend vital rising voices of creative endeavor through the works in mediums, ranging from photography to painting and graphics, installations and post-graffiti art. These artists offers us a view of life, exploring the essence, diversity and complexity of today. 

«The idea is not to be nostalgic to an era or to try to revive a specific movement, No. The objective is about moving forward, challenging the times and the realities that we live in and have to deal with by being progressive»
— Zak Kahgado

Last year’s «The New Wave UNCUT» gained great popularity and success and MSK Eastside and its team have committed to make this into a project that offers new thoughtful perspectives on art, expanding upon genres of creative production and inquiry into an annual group exhibition. In less than a year «The New Wave UNCUT» has projected the careers of different artists to a higher level and exposure such as the Museum Moscow exhibition, «Urbanism: The City In My Head» which show-cased for the first time graffiti and post-graffiti art at the museum level in Russia. MSK Eastside Gallery is dedicated to keep pushing the limits in creativity of expression and proud to present these unique forward-thinkers and progressive artists amongst them Alex Kuznetsov, Daria K, Nicholé Velásquez, Malcolm Roxs, Elena Ogenasyan, Kostya Zmogk, Dmitri Teselkin, Nootk and others.


Opening night