Eduard Mazlo, post modernist painter from the North Caucasus region of Russia. Eduard brings depth of an artist searching for his soul in such a vulnerable region. A series of his work embodies the emotions of a contemporary image of mythological Adyghe characters, as if he was from the past, while his other paintings such as the one titled “Ashamez” are intriguingly metaphysical. "Everything is art and everything is based on symbols."
His abstract paintings on canvases are rich with signs and codes with vivid colors that can sooth the inner thoughts of the viewer.
The philosophy and vision behind this stoic artist as he states it himself: "The past, the present and the future are one. The mind that is capable to comprehend the world as one turns itself into an eternally transformative, endless process happening in the universe. The creation is being created from itself.
The oneness of the past, present and future supposes in art the significance of the cultural layers, interconnection of the symbols and codes.”

Eduard studied art in the southern Russian cities of Nalchik and Stavropol, his latest solo exhibition was in Ancona Italy.


Selected exhibitions & projects:
"Preview Night / Collector's Night" , Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art , Moscow , Russia, 2014.

"Mystical mountains", Solo show , MSK Eastside Gallery , Moscow , Russia , 2012

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