Amour Toxique by Virginie Caillet

11.11 → 25.12

Virginie Caillet

Parisian artist Virginie Caillet returns to Moscow with another exploration of female sensuality. Her new body of work titled ‘Amour Toxique’ consists of paintings stressing on the emotions and the intensity of a post break-up stage giving you a sensitive but an emotionally fueled-erotocism.

Virginie translates this weight of loneliness, anxiety, anger, desire, craziness and exhaustion through removing facial parts. Her choice of the color blue is that of healing...

“I emphasize on the body language... I didn’t want to use identity to talk about the inner suffering... that’s why I drop off the eyes or some features of the face... and though ‘the break-up thing’ being a universal experience this is a very personal series”. Unlike her earlier paintings, there is a lot less collage than usual as she wanted to keep it pure.....

I wanted to make it as simple as possible, something sober”.
— Virginie Caillet

Born in Paris in 1979. She graduated of Parsons School of Design in New York. Her favorite theme and inspiration comes from the exploration of women, femininity and sexuality through her portraits and nudes which she usually creates on large canvases, her work is a mixture of drawing, collage and painting. Virgine’s 2012 debut in Moscow “Etats d’ame” was a sold- out show.

“MSK Eastside Gallery” is proud to present Virgine Caillet’s second exhibition in Moscow. 


Opening night